SvelteJS, by Richard Harris, is my current favorite platform to work in. Working in web tech always means balancing technologies (server-side, CSS, HTML, JS) and an often awkward marriage between templating languages, state management, and so on. Svelte does a phenomenal job letting you plant your feet firmly in an old-school feeling web-dev life while also giving you the advantages of any component-based systems.

Cats in Boxes

A game to teach web design.

Word Fall: A Boggle-Like Game

A Boggle-like game for the web
Project screenshot

School Landing Pages

Landing Pages for our School
Project screenshot

Crossword Compiler

A crossword compiler
Project screenshot

Area Multiplication Model

A simple web-based tool to help upper elementary school aged students with multiplication.
Project screenshot

Cycling Tools

Tools to find activities using a map + strava data.
Project screenshot

Gourmet (web)

Fully Featured Recipe Manager for the Web

Hat Game

A virtual "Hat" for playing Celebrity and other party games during Covid

What is Blue?

A simple machine learning project to train a model in the browser to identify the color blue