All the Things

All the Things

A way to manage tab hell in the browser.

A chrome extension for managing tabs. Aimed at extreme multitaskers.

The basic idea of all-the-things is to take the new tab window in chrome and use it to show you everything you already have open at a glance (all windows in all tabs of chrome).

That display allows you to close tabs, drag-and-drop rearrange them, or jump to a tab in a different window.

For me, it becomes the easiest way to navigate to a tab in another window or to jump between windows. I tend to use windows to organize tasks and then have multiple tabs open per window as tasks require opening new documents or websites. This makes it quick to close out whole tasks and to context switch.

All-the-Things also warns you when you've opened the same webpage twice and displays a handy total of how many tabs you currently have open so that you can get a sanity check on your multi-tasking during the day.


Tech used in this project:
Chrome Extension Productivity JavaScript Vue