APCSP Pseudocode Generator


APCSP Pseudocode Generator

A simple tool to generate pseudocode for the AP Computer Science Principles exam from JS/TS input

For the AP Computer Science Principles exam, students need to be able to read pseudocode. To make sample questions for students, I need to write a lot of pseudocode, which is annoying because it uses the ← assignment operator which is not on the keyboard, among other things.

This tool parses JavaScript or TypeScript (which are easy to write!) and converts it into APCSP pseudocode that I can use for sample problems, etc.

Once I went down the rabbit hole of using a parser, it got pretty fun thinking about how to support all of the functional style programming we do in JavaScript in APCSP, especially for things like map/filter/reduce.

I was working on this project when I was stuck in my room quarantining with COVID, and its one of the first projects I did with substantial help from GPT-4, which helped me identify and learn parsing libraries for code inspection. Overall, it was a lot of fun and I find the project pretty useful!


Tech used in this project:
TypeScript School JavaScript APCSP