Gather the Docs

Gather the Docs

A tool for organizing google documents

People like to organize google drive documents by gathering links in one place, like a slideshow full of resources, or a google doc grid that they ask others to paste links into, or even a spreadsheet.

I consider this a dangerous pattern because it's hard to guarantee that links will remain accessible, or to manage access to links as you share a document.

I created the "Gather the Docs" add-on to make it easy to organize files that are already linked in a document.

The simplest way it works is by copying each document linked into a new folder, so then that folder and the document in question can be managed together.

The add-on also has the capacity to move files or to allow ignoring them.

The result is this could also be a general purpose tool to let somebody e.g. collect a list of links in a google doc and then move them all into a new location.