KISS Mail Merge

KISS Mail Merge

Free Mail Merge Tool

A simple mail merge utility for google sheets.

KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) Email Merge makes it easy to send emails from spreadsheet data.

You can edit email templates using a built-in rich-text editor and inserting spreadsheet data using column headers as fields.

You can also specify conditions under which to merge (or not to merge) if you only want to send emails for some of the rows in your data set.

You may wonder why I created KISS given how many mail merge add-ons already exist. Here's the use case I envision:

  1. You don't want to edit your email template as a draft email (because you'd rather manage everything from sheets and you want a user interface to make it easy to insert mail merge fields correctly).
  2. You want to send more than 50 emails and want a free option.


Tech used in this project:
Google Apps Script Productivity JavaScript