Teacher View Spreadsheet Template


Teacher View Spreadsheet Template

A spreadsheet template system to allow teachers to see a work from a class worth of students at a time

The Teacher View Template allows you to

  1. set up a student template in a spreadsheet
  2. copy that template for each student
  3. pull data from each student copy back into the original spreadsheet so that you as a teacher get a "Live" view of all the students answers at once (but each student can only see their own work).
  4. Optionally have some data flow from the teacher back to the student (this is a bit more tedious — see Indirect Sheets below).
  5. You can use this system for anything that can be presented in rows and columns where you can set up a student and a teacher view.

    We take advantage of the ability to import data from one spreadsheet to another to build a simple system for teachers to manage the flow of data back and forth from students -- this is quite helpful for things like weekly reflections, skill inventories, and more.


Tech used in this project:
Google Apps Script JavaScript School Spreadsheet