Visualization of Senior Projects

Visualization of Senior Projects

A d3 visualization of senior projects at my school.

We often want students starting out in Senior Project to see examples of projects that have come before. Usually we hand curate a few examples or teachers refer to ones they know from their own experience, but new teachers were asking if they could get a list, so I set to work.

Once I started looking to document projects of the past, I got a bit obsessed until I'd tracked down lists from every year our school has done student projects.

With the data in hand, I set to work categorizing it, trying to use AI to help with categorization where possible, and then I built a d3 visualization to help students browse through project titles.

The project titles themselves are served up as JSON from Google Apps Script, and then my d3 visualization consumes that data. The result is that teachers can update the categories and project lists easily in a spreadsheet over the years, and the visualization will stay up to date.


Tech used in this project:
JavaScript d3 Web School