A simple implementation of the game of dots.

This was one of my earliest project in JavaScript, using the Canvas to implement a game of dots to play with my kids.

I built a simple computer AI to play dots against, but it turns out computers are too good at dots, so then I built dumber AIs so that kids could have more fun playing dots against less fierce competitors.

This is before modules, before arrow functions, and before I had much experience as a web developer, so the source code is something of a trip down memory lane.

I thought I'd lost this old game, but was happy to dig it up recently. It turns out I'd put it in a git repository when I was toying around to try to get PhoneGap working. It looks like I never got this game working on a phone properly, but at least I'd saved the source code and was able to throw it back up online (I'd originally hosted it using google drive before they took down the ability to host simple website out of a drive folder!).


Tech used in this project:
JavaScript Game Canvas