Cycling Tools

Cycling Tools

Tools to find activities using a map + strava data.

I used svelte + Strava APIs + Mapbox APIs to create some handy tools for updating my strava data.

  1. Needle in Haystack Problem:
    I often want to find rides I did that I know went to a certain area. I built a tool to bring in past rides and search within X meters of a spot I identify on a map. This is a pretty cool problem which it turns out can usually be solved even using the compressed Polyline version of the route you get from Strava's API on your first pull.
  2. Map-Bike-to-Ride Problem:
    I want to quickly change my bike to the appropriate bike for a given ride. I made a tool to let me set default bikes based on temperature, average speed, or whether a ride is virtual or not (because I have a different bike set up on my trainer than the one I use outdoors). Currently, this is a tool I use manually to update rides, but eventually I'll set this up with webhooks to update automatically.

I wrote this project up as a simple svelte+netlify how-to in a blog post.


Tech used in this project:
JavaScript Svelte Strava Mapbox Web