Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script is the jacknife of my ed-tech life, giving me a good-enough way to solve an enormous number of problems. I have published some add-ons to Docs and Sheets, but Google keeps updating its requirements and stack in ways I find very Frustrating when I'm just trying to get a problem solved, so more and more I turn to simple container-attached scripts to solve problems, which means for my recent solutions, you can simply copy a spreadsheet to grab my code and get working.

Student Scheduler Sheets Script

A Google Sheets Container-Attached Script for scheduling special blocks
Project screenshot

Data Breakdown Tool (Histogram Generator)

A simple sheets add-on to break down spreadsheet data and create histograms

Workflows Jacknife

An all-purpose power tool for automating Google Admin processes with forms.

Multi-Folder Manager

A tool to manage folders in multiple locations in google drive.


A convenient library for manipulating tabular data in spreadsheets

Aspen Automator

A tool to automate importing grades into Aspen from Google Classroom or CSVs (and also make it less ugly).

Roster Generator

A simple roster generator for Google Sheets.

Folder Copier

A spreadsheet-attached script to allow copying folders in Google Drive
Project screenshot

Super Simple Portfolio

A simple digital portfolio system built on top of Google Drive.

Signout Bot

A simple chatbot for handling signing in and out of the building.
Project screenshot

Classroom Roster Tool

A simple spreadsheet-attached set of scripts for managing google classroom at the school level

Google Classroom Class Scheduler Tool

A tool to enable teachers to create custom schedules for their google classroom class meetings.

Calendar Event Creator

A simple tool to create Google Calendar events from a spreadsheet

Email Scheduler Tool

A spreadsheet-attached script for sending automated emails.

Google Groups Manager

A spreadsheet-attached script for listing groups and members and mass deleting groups

Morning Announcements

A tool for managing morning announcements as a Google Slides presentation

Teacher View Spreadsheet Template

A spreadsheet template system to allow teachers to see a work from a class worth of students at a time